Special Events

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Cooler Sundays

Every Sunday

Each Sunday you can bring a cooler packed with all your favorite goodies into the park. There's no limit on how much food or drink you can bring as long as you can pack it in your cooler.

NO alcoholic beverages allowed. Glass is not allowed.

4-H (July 30th)

A Fun-Filled Family Day of
Music & Activities

  • 4-H Science Activities
  • Theme Park Rides
  • Dwight Yoakam in Concert

Catered meals available for groups, please call (501)318-5370 or (501)463-3379. You can purchase tickets at the 4-H window at Magic Springs.

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Down on the Farm

July 30th

Family-Fun day for families to enjoy a day of music and activities.

  • Large Farm Equipment
  • Little Mr. & Mrs. Farmer's Contest
  • Square Dancer's
  • Dwight Yoakam in Concert

Hispanic Heritage Day

September 4th

  • Mexican Food Vendors in the Park
  • Mariachi Bands
  • Sonora Dinamita

Music Festival