2014 Concert Series - Chris Young

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About Chris Young

When an artist looks back on his or her own career, there are always moments he or she can point to where there was a shift to another level. Those defining moments tend to be easy to spot with the benefit of hindsight but more difficult to see without the passage of time. Yet Chris Young has a sense that something is happening.

“I really do believe in timing,” says Young. “Everybody has a different point in their career when things start to come together and click, when it’s your time.”

With the release of his third studio album, NEON, Chris Young leaves no doubt. Now is his time.

How’s this for everything clicking – NEON’s first single, “Tomorrow,” one of an impressive seven songs on the album co-written by Young raced to the top of the charts and is certified PLATINUM by the RIAA for sales exceeding 1 million downloads. The second single, “You,” also hit the top spot on the charts making it Young’s fifth consecutive #1. Both “You,” and “Voices,” the record breaking hit from his sophomore release, have certified Digital Gold.

And as far as timing – Young’s career is ticking like a Swiss watch. His smash hit “Gettin’ You Home,” also a #1, earned him his first-ever Grammy nomination. Young joins an elite group of superstars as he earned a nomination in the MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR and SINGLE RECORD OF THE YEAR categories for the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in 2012. All signs are pointing skyward as NEON debuted at #4 on the all genre Billboard Top 200 chart with more than 72,000 first week fans declaring their devotion to Young. He’s also been fêted by the media with glowing reviews in USA Today, People, Associated Press and Billboard in addition to high profile TV appearances on Good Morning America, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Talk, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Katie and Fox & Friends.

While all the sales numbers, accolades and awards are certainly appreciated, what Young values most about this time in his life is that he can make a living doing what he loves most.

“Music is why I’m here and it’s something I can’t live without,” says Young. “It’s what I’m built to do.”